Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Temporary Stop...


Writing in the coldness, fever (not at all) and uncomfortable ears are definitely sleepiness. Despite examination is around the corner, the month of December is truly challenging. Oh, what a real Dec.

With the sniper wind whispering every morning in the ground of Zahra', there is no reason to extend my rest. Therefore i should continue my kuliyyah after a week missing it. And 'kerneh' also still in long queue of 'syu'un'. I haven't taking it yet. (Rindu giler woi...)

It is a long time i haven't wrote in English. The environment now needs me to bustle in the middle of plenty arabic books, in fact to concentrate to my 'fasal awal' exam which i have to sit at the end of year 2006 and will be continued in January 2007. I've got seven papers to take for this 'fasal awal' exam so far. Much papers are not the reason. Mind it !...

The schedule for exam was fixed yesterday. It will begin on 26 Dec 06. So the issues of wasting time are not suitable in the time right now. By the way, i have to pay for the great success from now as the arsenal team has to struggle for their EPL and Champion League campaigns... ahaks.... (balik2 arsenal... jawapan: sukati lar)

This is 'fasal awal' schedule for second year students in the Kuliyyah of Usuluddin :

Tuesday (26/12/06) - English
Wednesday (27/12/06) - Mantiq 1 (Logic 1)
Saturday (6/1/07) - Nuzum Islamiyyah (Islamic Regulations and System)
Tuesday (9/1/07) - Tayyarat Fikriyyah (Philosophical Thinking)
Saturday (13/1/07) - Mantiq 2 (Logic 2)
Tuesday (16/1/07) - Ulum Hadith (Studies to Hadith)
Tuesday (23/1/07) - Feqh Muamalat

Pray for me in this coming exam. May Allah give me a successful result. Ameen...

* Take a time for shopping at the end of January.
* Hahaha... ape nak bawak balik untuk org m'sia nanti !!!...

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