Monday, January 16, 2006

- The Dizzy Head -

Beginning my day today is quite tired. With the dizziness around my head and untidy hairs, switching on my laptop and read the newspapers.

"Eh, awal bangun Ishaq eh...", i was ridiculed by Ghanie.

"Biase lar... bangun orang-orang bujang", i replied it to him.

I still remember last night i have read a couple of pages in a book titled "Watching The Tree" wrote by Adeline Yen Mah. I seriously like the book. I brought it from Malaysia because i haven't done reading the entire story. The author wrote in a simple word and she tried to approach readers to what she felt and how she thinks about the three brother of religions; Buddha, Taoism and Confucious.

The physicist author told about her history since she was in Hong Kong, with her beloved Ye Ye (grandfather), and the related stories are about the her proud Chinese culture including medicines, foods, drinks, the origin advices and many more which i can't describe the whole entire book, oh... i do not finished reading it yet.

One thing i would like you to know about the book is how the author elaborates about the phylosophy in Chinese culture, the 'Yin Yang' faith, the wisdom of 'I Ching', and the significant book in Tao 'Tao Te Ching'(Classic of the Tao and its virtue).

It is very interesting to study on comparative religions. In Al-Azhar University also, under the Kuliyyah of Theology (Usuluddin), provided this part of studies. In first year like I am currently in, there is a subject called 'Milal wa Nihal', which is mean the study of many kind of religious. Very nice, cool, it is one of the most subjects that I seriously like. About the Judaism (Yahudi), Christian (Nasrani), and many of 'new-created' religious such as Confucious, Buddism, Hinduism and many more.

Maybe I can tell it in the next posting Insya ALLAH (if ALLAH gives me the permission). Salam...

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